About Love in the Oven

With all you do, you expect so much of yourself (and your body)! Shouldn’t we feed it right? Shouldn’t we feed it with love?

Love in the Oven is part of a movement back to the dinner table — away from highly – processed foods and towards REAL food, made with love and delivered for your freezer. Created by Licensed and Registered Dietitian, Love in the Oven aims to deliver healthy, “homemade” meals, ready to Shove in the Oven and enjoy with your family at your own dinner table.

I’m Nancy. I have been a Registered Dietitian and health educator for 25 years, and have worked with all different populations, from Neonates to Seniors, healthy athletes to the very sick. It’s no surprise that chronic disease is on the rise. I’ve seen people get busier and have less time to devote to menu planning, shopping, prepping and cooking, turning to processed food for convenience. But who could blame them? Our schedules are so packed that something’s got to give. Often healthy habits, like real food prep, are the first to be cut. I’ve been there, so I judge no one. I know what it is like to work 60 hours per week and run a household/family. By the time work, dance and soccer were done, there was no time or energy left, and I gave my family some pre-made, processed food and called it “dinner”.  Those are the times I went to bed feeling guilty. So now I’m on a nutrition mission! I’m not one of those nutritionists who points a finger at you, telling you that you “must” do this, or you “must” do that so you can be as perfect as I am. No, no! This dietitian says, “Yes, you should eat healthy, real food… and here’s the difference:

 I’ll help you do it.

What Are You Getting When You Order Love in the Oven?

Each recipe is approached and adjusted from a nutritionist’s perspective. That means that, rather than following the typical restaurant’s low-cost model, I look for ways to boost nutritional value in every dish. I source ingredients that can’t always be found in every store to help you get the nutrition you and your family need. Then I thoroughly cook each meal, freeze following Department of Health and Human Services Guidelines, and deliver them to you. All you have to do is shove it in the oven and have a guilt-free meal you can be proud to serve to your family!