How it Works

A variety of healthy, frozen meals are available to choose from. Most are packaged in 2-3 serving trays (2 hearty portions, 3 light). Simply use the drop down menu to choose the quantity of trays of each meal you want.

Please place order by Friday 10 am each week to ensure availability.
Delivery days are Tuesday and Wednesdays the following week. ***Tuesdays for Cornelius to points North up to Statesville, and Wednesdays for Huntersville to points South to Pineville. ***
(ex. Browse menu choices anytime before Friday morning when planning your weekend; place order. Receive your delivery in just a few days!)

Here’s the best part: Since Love in the Oven is frozen, you can save on delivery charges by ordering several weeks’ worth of food at once!

Temperature Control: If you are not available to receive your delivery, you can leave good-quality cooler and high-performance ice packs in a designated place at your home. Note that in instructions/comments upon placing order. Your food will be waiting for you when you arrive!

Keep food in your freezer. Once you are ready to thaw, it is best to do so in the refrigerator the day before. This makes heat-up time on your busiest days faster, so dinner is ready sooner! Remove cardboard top. Cover with foil if you wish, and dinner will be on the table in almost no time! Just shove in the oven! You can even get a few things done while it heats.

* Nutrient counts are estimated and based on the higher end of the servings range (i.e. based on 3 servings, instead of two). Pricing is based on the lower end of the servings range, so you’re saving money to feed the little ones. But if you have a 17 year old athlete, he will probably eat the whole thing. I mean, let’s just be honest, here ;0) (I’m a mom; I get it).

** Our food prep process has been approved by the Department of Health and Human Services. Some ice crystals may form on top of your frozen product, and you may notice some extra liquid in your dish when reheating. This is normal. Just stir well and use a slotted spoon. It’ll still taste delicious :0)

*** A word about allergens. Allergens, when included in a recipe are listed. We use best practices and comply with DHHS regulations. However, because my commercial kitchen is shared with other chefs, there is a potential risk of cross-contamination.